Time for to go full on beast mode!

And that’s because BSN, global leaders in sports nutrition has launched N.O.-XPLODE™ XE EDGE, their most intense pre-workout ever, allowing you to push your workout to the edge.!

Following global research and development, BSN’s N.O.XPLODE™ XE EDGE contains a unique blend of traditional Chinese plant extracts Euphoria, longana, Lindera aggregata and Rhodiola roseae. With 25 scoops per tub, each serving combines the maximum serving of caffeine (200mg) and 1.6g Beta Alanine, and a Citrulline blend to support energy and enhance focus.

A global leader in the sports nutrition market, BSN’s advanced science has produced an unrivalled series of category firsts and created the original pre-workout supplement category with N.O-XPLODE™.  BSN’s latest pre-workout XTREME ENERGY EDGE concentrated formula is aimed at serious athletes who are uncompromising in their search for a performance edge over their competition.

The latest product raises the bar in the competitive category again; delivering BSN’s most powerful pre-workout to date.

N.O.XPLODE™ XE EDGE is available in five flavours including cherry lime, fruit punch and green apple.  N.O.XPLODE™ XE EDGE can be purchased through online retailers and Sports Nutrition outlets across the UK. To find out more information, visit or follow us on twitter @TeamBSN  (UK account) or @BSNSupplements (Global account).  

What do you think of BSN N.O.XPLODE XE EDGE? Have you used it? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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