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19 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Ben says:


    My name is Ben Perkins and I work with the football product website,, and I just wanted to say great work with the site. I just came across it and am sad that it was only now that I found Sport-Locker! Would love to talk with you, so please email me at the address given.


  2. Nagesso Obsa says:

    my name is obsa i am from Ethiopia. i need to ask you that is there ”Nike is searching the world for football’s undiscovered talent” for 2014? would you please tell me what i shall do?
    with regards.

  3. Jack Mcgill says:

    Hi You offer a shirt competition with a mars bar and when I buy the bar I get a “unique” number but no place to enter that number . Can you please let me know where I am supposed to enter the various “unique” numbers I now have

  4. Sean morgan says:

    I have winner mars bar inside say win official special edition shirt . Please send me shirt. Thanks

  5. Christopher Redpath says:

    I have a winning unique number for an official special edition shirt…….where do I enter the code to claim. Looking at the contact us and the forum, there seems quite a number of claimants in the same position where, what, and how to the enter the code. Please HELP!!

  6. Mark says:

    Dear Sir,
    Hope you are fine and business is good.

    Please Kindly Sir confirm if you are interested Fitness products & Sports wear or cricket If yes? So Please send me pictures for interesting products so i can arrange the samples for you.
    I am actually felling very sorry for you but the same time I am sad that you did not trust me or my company.

    Yes I am sure we can produce your order within 4 weeks but to be more sure I need a list of items with quantities.

    Look forward to work with you soon.

    Best Regards

  7. colin says:

    how do I send my unique codes in to mars competition for England shirt
    I have winner mars bar inside say win official special edition shirt . Please send me shirt. Thanks

  8. Leo says:

    Hello, I would like to know the name of one of the Nike Flyknit shoes from one of the pictures posted. It is the third shoe from the picture (on the bottom). It is a dark grey color, with a plain white sole base with high-relief horizontal lines, thanks.

  9. Tomaz says:


    I have some soccer related websites and I can say that on this website you are doing a great work.

    Keep up posting useful content!

  10. Jo caprelian says:

    Tried to enter the competition if winning 1 of 1 million footballs , tried to get on site and all it says is for the football shirt, don’t want the shirt, want the football for my grandson, why can I not get in the site to enter, have just bought a boat. Load of Mars bars?

  11. Nadeem Ahmad says:


    We have a knitted Apparels Manufactrering set up with professional team,
    We are working with USA & Europe market,
    We used Reactive, Azo free, Eco dyes (Dyeing)
    We are making all kinds of knitted garments, Sports wears, Mixed Yarn & 100% Polyester – Printing without Printing and Embroidery,

    * Polo Shirts:-
    * C neck Shirts
    * T-Shirts
    * Trousers
    * Track Suits
    * Jogging Suits
    * Teams works
    * Shorts
    * Henley

    Please let me know your choice so that samples could be sent you for evaluation purposes.

    Nadeem Ahmad
    Tuf Pak Sports
    Marala Road, Gohad Pur

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