Running shoes release: PUMA FAAS new colourways

Having reviewed the PUMA FAAS 500 earlier in the year, SportLocker are big fans of the running shoe.

And we can now bring you exclusive images of some new colourways from the innovative range!

FAAS 300: The FAAS 300 is a lightweight style from the FAAS Range that is built for runners who defy convention and speed on a daily basis. Featuring BioRide technology, minimal cushioning and structure, and no heel counter, this shoe is for the runners who are ready to fly. The FAAS 300 is stylized with a unique overlay with cut-out circles, giving the shoe a two-toned and exciting look.

FAAS 300 JAM: The FAAS 300 JAM takes all of the features from the FAAS 300 and adds a Jamaican twist. PUMA Running has a deep and longstanding relationship with Jamaica and the country’s runners, so we designed several shoes in the FAAS range with Jamaica in mind.

FAAS 500: The FAAS 500 and FAAS 500 W incorporate PUMA’s new BioRide technology, giving all runners a naturally responsive ride. Falling right in the middle of the FAAS Range’s numerical scale, the Faas 500 has a complimentary balance of added structure and cushioning to provide a comfortable run with improved speed and performance.

The Faas 500 comes in a number of fun, bright colourways, providing runners a surefire way to jazz up their wardrobe and their run. The FAAS 500 also comes in the FAAS 500 Jam, which uses the same technology but with a bright, Jamaican colourway.

The innovative BioRide™ technology featured in the FAAS shoes spent years in development. PUMA took a look at some of the fastest athletes affiliated with the brand and studied their movement, foot placement and overall running skills.

There were three proven and consistent skills that were identified as critical to top performance.  PUMA translated these elements into three categories—Rocker, Flex & Groove—that become the cornerstones of the BioRide™ technology and the FAAS shoes.

·     FAAS 500: £75.00

·     FAAS 300: £65.00

·     Stockist:
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