Rugby Kit Launch: All Blacks

Tonight adidas and the New Zealand Rugby Union have revealed the 2011 All Blacks jersey – and can bring you exclusive imagery and info!

The shirt was unveiled for the first time when the All Blacks took to the field against South Africa in their opening Tri Nations match in Wellington.

The new white collar – which pays tribute to the legacy of the All Black legend – is just one of the changes made to a jersey which has been rebuilt from scratch, using custom-created new fabrics and ground-breaking technologies.

And we think that it’s going to be a hit with the Kiwi faithful!

Something which the All Blacks captain himself, Richie McCaw, agrees with.

 “It’s pretty awesome to be involved in creating a new All Blacks jersey,” says McCaw. “People all over the world recognise the jersey, and of course Kiwis feel extremely strongly about it, so to make a change to it is a big deal.

“This new jersey is revolutionary – but it’s still very much an All Blacks jersey. It’s still something I’m very proud to wear.”

The new All Blacks jersey – key fact sheet

  • The new jersey has been more than two years in the making, including 18 months of testing and refining. It was created by an elite sportswear design team at adidas, with the NZRU and key All Blacks players, most notably captain Richie McCaw.
  • The adidas design team effectively threw away the previous jersey and started again. Even the tiny fibres that make up the fabric were created from scratch, and the pattern of the weave was reinvented.
  • The new white collar pays tribute to those teams who wore the iconic All Blacks jersey with the white collar for most of the 20th century, including the 1987 All Blacks side, one of the most successful teams in the long legacy of the All Blacks. The rest of the jersey is the blackest it’s ever been, thanks to a carefully selected colour palette and specialised construction and finishing techniques.
  • adidas believes it’s the best rugby jersey in the world. It’s the lightest, ‘fastest’ and closest-fitting rugby jersey ever made.

– It’s 50 per cent lighter than the last jersey – but just as strong.

– The fabric weight depends on the different areas we have in the tube and is around 220gr per yard which makes the shirt  50 per cent lighter than the 2009 shirt coming from 360 gr to 180gr (sample size).

– Because it’s so light and aerodynamic it has less weight and drag, allowing players to go fractionally faster. At the elite level of the game, the slightest advantage can make a difference to the result.

  • There’s only one machine in the world capable of making the jersey. The torso is a seamless tube, with the sleeves, neck and collar bonded onto it. It’s the first time an anatomically shaped fabric tube has been created. Most tubular garments are a perfect cylinder, but a rugby jersey needs to be wide at the shoulders and narrower at the waist. The tubular technique allowed adidas to eliminate side seams from the torso, which can create irritation, drag and weak points.
  • Physics were a major consideration – the team had to calculate the pressure the jersey is exposed to, in pounds per square inch, and design a fabric and a garment to withstand it. To create this jersey, adidas pooled its knowledge from its other elite sportswear specialties, including bobsleigh suits, archery vests and football jerseys.

 But what do you think of the new jersey? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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