Football boot release: Hulk launches Mizuno Morelia Neo bring you the news that Brazilian and Porto superstar Givanildo Vieira de Souza (more commonly known as Hulk) has recently launched the latest edition of the prestigious Mizuno Morelia football boot range.

Behold the Morelia Neo readers – the lightest leather boot in the brand’s history!

Steeped in history and tradition, the focus of the Mizuno Morelia football boot has always been on quality and craftsmanship and the Neo is no different.

Weighing in at just 170g everything in the construction of the Neo contributes to a boot that can accommodate for the key demands of the modern game.

From the most precise technical handiwork to its smallest features such as the eyelet and stitch lines, this is a boot that has been crafted to become unrivalled in terms of the softness, comfort and feel.

The boot is constructed using lightweight kangaroo leather which shapes to your foot giving an excellent feel and touch on the ball.  A shortened tongue and lighter heel tab further contribute to the Neo’s reputation as one of the lightest leather boots entering the football market.

Mizuno has worked closely with current ambassador Givanildo Vieira de Souza in the biological research behind the Morelia Neo with the green colourway providing a fitting association with the nickname the Brazilian has become best recognised by – Hulk.

The twenty five year old player said, “The Mizuno Morelia is famous throughout the world for being very comfortable and light. The new Morelia Neo is one of the lightest leather football boots in the world, so they brought together the quality of the football boots provided by the material, together with lightness. They really have everything it takes to be the best football boots in the world.”

Other highlights of the Morelia Neo are the 13 specifically positioned PU studs in place to reduce stud pressure and offer excellent foot holding, traction and comfort as well as the Dual Injected Outsole which was designed to further enhance the flexion and spring of the boot whilst the footballer is accelerating.

The Morelia Neo RRP’s at £135 and as always we’ll try and get our hands on a pair to put through our usual rigorous playtest review!

What are your first impressions of the Mizuno Morelia Neo? And how about Hulk – would you like to see him in the Premier League next season? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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