Football boot play test review: Lotto Stadio Potenza

Last week we gave you a sneak preview of the Lotto Stadio Potenza when they appeared on our doorstep.

Now the time has come to reveal just how they fared under the play test microscope.

1. First Impression/ Fresh out the box factor 7/10

Understated but classy. Classic but contemporary. On first impression the Lotto Stadio is an old school football boot with a 21st century twist. On appearance alone they are a tribute to the glory days of the game when diving and snoods were reserved for swimming pools and ski slopes respectively.

2. Comfort 8/10

K-Leather means comfort. Fact. And that’s not the end of this tale. Proving that a marriage between old and new can thrive, a synthetic panel sits sandwiched between leather around the mid-foot and laces in order to improve fit while shaving a few precious grams off in the process.

3. On the move/Warm up 8/10

These boots may look majestic and serene on the surface but like a duck on water if you were to take peak beneath the surface you would discover a flurry of activity making for a comfortable and natural ride.

‘Puntoflex’ technology to give it its correct title, incorporated in the outsole, allows the foot a great deal of freedom when in gentle motion but also gives the wearer great confidence when turning sharply or shifting through the gears.

4. Touch/Control 9/10

No great surprise that the Potenzas score highly here  having been lavishly dressed in super soft K-Leather providing sufficient cushion without sacrificing that essential and glorious feel of ball on foot.

5. Short Passing 8/10

Short passing has long been a fundamental skill taken for granted but with the likes of Xavi Hernandez and his English equivalent Leon Britton, mastering the art and the stats men tallying every touch, short passing has become fashionable.

And that is good news for the Potenzas because they are all about touch and feel in contact with the ball as opposed to speed off it.

6. Long Passing 7/10

Having said all that, we all love a glory pass and nothing draws the oohs and aahs like a flighted 40 yard diagonal pass that drops out the sky onto the toe of a flying winger.

And the Potenzas are not to be found wanting in providing the necessary environment for such luxuries with the extra padding that a leather outer  gives you serving to boost power as well as providing protection against the greater impact on the foot.

7. Shooting 6/10

Again no complex formula here. These boots are not going to transform you from barn door evader to the hottest hit man in town but they will not disappoint if the chance to have a pop arises.

The modern day striker, fleet of foot and elusive, is more likely to be seen in lighter, flashier footwear with these boots probably the reserve of your midfield general or elegant sweeper staying true to Lotto’s Italian foundations with a love of keeping a clean sheet in the most stylish of ways.

8. Security/Tackling 9/10

Lotto have cleverly integrated their unique Shock-Off technology into the heel area which acts as an effective shock absorber which serves the dual purpose of reducing the impact of foot on ground and foot on man/ball.

The Potenza’s conical fixed polyurethane studs are built for natural firm ground surfaces and, unlike many new boots on the market, are evenly distributed across the sole offering great balance. Essential for the prevention of ankle rolling and buckling in those 50/50 challenges.

9. The 90 minute endurance test 9/10

No news very often is an indicator of good news and that principle applies to the the Potenzas. They may not have re-invented the wheel but neither are they claiming to.

What they can boast is of providing a solid and understated environment in which the wearer can go about their business without unnecessary interference.

With a glued outer and stitched toe area that harmonious relationship is near guaranteed to last.

10. The tech factor (Does it do what it says on the tin?) 8/10

As a well established member of the ‘Heritage’ football boot family, their raison d’etre is to provide comfort and stability fulfilling the support role and allowing the wearer to take centre stage.

Every stitch, thread and panel on this boot serves a fundamental purpose. No gimmicks, no false promises. Simply reliable and effective performance.

SportLocker play test rating: 79/100

They may not carry the authority of an adidas Copa Mundial but they can certainly feel comfortable sharing a stage…or a football field.

The Lotto Stadio Potenzas succeed in taking football back to basics and that is no bad thing.

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