Football boot release tease: adidas Predator LZ (Lethal Zones) – they call him Pass

With the release of the adidas Predator LZ (Lethal Zones) football boot now just over a week away, lift the lid on the fourth zone – ‘Pass’.

The latest incarnation of one of the most iconic football boots in history will feature five innovative zones focused on first touch and control.

The fourth zone revealed by adidas is the memory foam on the medial side of the boot that ensures consistency of passing.

A 3-D sticky print with large surface area increases ball contact time for more precise passing.

So stay tuned to the site as we reveal the fifth and final lethal zone next week!

Some more poetry for you ahead of the imminent release:

He’s the skeleton key,
One touch and you’re past.
The ball always finds them.
No defense can last.
Pass unlocks the game.
One more to finish the task. 

Such culture vultures here at!

See PASS exert lethal control over games this weekend across Europe. Find out more at and or join the conversation on!/adidasfootball – @adidasfootball #unleash

What are your thoughts on the adidas Predator LZ football boots? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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