Running Playtest Review: Nike Zoom Elite+ 5

Summer is well and truely on the horizon and with that in mind is on a fitness drive determined to sculpt a body primed for exposure on a beach near you!

Fortunately for us Nike came up trumps in providing perfect accomplice in the form of  a pair of Nike Zoom Elite+ 5 running shoes.

Some sparkling new apparel often provides the necessary inspiration to get the fitness ball rolling so when the  Zoom Elite +5 dropped through the letterbox we were raring to go and have since racked up sufficient mileage to give you the lowdown in an exclusive playtest review.

Appearance/First impressions

As first impressions go, these certainly hold nothing back with the fluorescent colourway and distinctive meshing both bold and eye catching.

And we are convinced that the two features make for a winning combination that will have heads struggling to turn in time to see you flash by.

In hand they feel ultra light but with feet locked and loaded it is obvious that does not come at the sacrifice of security or cushioning.


With a great deal of hard work that has obviously gone into the look of these running shoes the fear was that when it came to the nitty gritty it might be a case of much style over substance.

But en debut and ever since the Nike Zoom Elite+ 5 running shoes have proved to be brimming with substance and do not disappoint on performance.

And with the attention to detail and performance features loaded on to these we feel ashamed to have ever held doubts.

Take the outer meshing as a prime example. While it may give these shoes their distinctive appearance it serves two greater purposes in keeping weight down and increasing ventilation and breathability which is most welcome as the sun shines with greater frequency and intensity.

Take a peak below the surface and there is a whole world of performance boosters with a particular tip of the cap to the Waffle-Fill sole configuration that provides versatile traction giving the wearer the option of taking things off road.


It is evident that Nike have really held nothing back in this department to ensure each and every running experience is as comfortable as possible.

The internal strapping offers that glove-like fit without being intrusive while the Fitsole sockliner moulds to the shape of your foot over time so with each outing the fit becomes more and more customised. The perfect excuse to get back out there!

We all know that road running can take its toll on the joints but since  turning to the Nike Zoom Elite+ 5 the usual aches and pains have largely taken a back seat with a debt of gratitude owed to two very effective cushioning features.

Beveled and articulated 3/4 length cushion crash pads and a Nike Zoom unit may sound like foreign jargon but what it translates to is shock reduction and absorption making for a smooth and luxurious ride.

The verdict

The Nike Zoom Elite+ 5 is a genuine all-rounder not just turning up but excelling in a number of departments. Unlike this particular correspondent, they are built specifically for speed owing to their lightness.

But that is not where this story ends with comfort and performance given leading roles too.

All that with a body that’s more than easy on the eye. Something will be bringing to that beach near you this summer…

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