Allianz Arena: shining brightly for the Champions League Final

With the Premier League season coming to a climax this weekend, it will soon be time for (and many others!) to look forward to the Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

The iconic Allianz Arena in Munich will host the match – which is normally world famous for its unique red, blue or white solid exterior lighting during matches to represent the team playing.

Next week, however, it will light up for the very first time in white with a green and blue chequered “belly band” around the middle, to celebrate the Final taking place Saturday May 19!

The match will be the biggest football game to be hosted at the Allianz Arena since the FIFA World Cup semi-finals back in 2006.

Following the same “clean stadium” rules the Arena will be officially handed over to UEFA on May 12, one week before the highly anticipated match between FC Bayern Munich and Chelsea FC.

The Allianz Arena is known for the distinctive illuminated ‘cushions’ on its exterior facade, which change colour depending on which home team is playing – red for FC Bayern Munich and blue for TSV Munich 1860 – staying white for international matches.

The Allianz Arena has 1,056 illuminated panels, with red, blue and clear lenses. To create blue or green, the lenses will be covered by coloured foil-plastic sheets. The stadium has never before been lit this way, and the combination will be a unique sight for fans.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve got even more thrilling news for Chelsea fans – a huge 3D Artwork of the Allianz Arena will be unveiled on Monday for Chelsea fans in London’s Westfield, White City.

The artwork recreates the iconic stadium with its distinctive lit panels that illuminate the exterior.  With the trickery of 3D artwork fans will be have their photograph taken inside the artwork and given it for upload to Facebook, creating a fantastic supporters image courtesy of Allianz.

Just take a look at some examples of 3D art here: – it’s bound to be a great event so do get yourself down!

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