Casio Edifice release new watch collection

It’s been a while since brought you some watches on the site – so here is the latest range from Casio Edifice!

Whether he is a style guru, action man or gadget enthusiast, the new Casio Edifice collection of innovative timepieces provide premium watches for every man.

Casio Edifice offers the perfect marriage of style and intelligence with its sports luxe inspired EFB-503SBD. Designed specifically for the style conscience man, the watch features bold sapphire glass on the face, set against polished silver time indicators for maximum clarity.   The Edifice EFB-503SBD provides elegant design without compromising on Edifice’s advanced technical specification; it’s like having F1 technology on your wrist.

Dynamic design is matched with operating ease in the introduction of the Edifice EQW-A1110DB. A multi-function chronograph equipped with the latest timepiece innovations, this watch is ideal for a man with a love of technology.  The Edifice EQW-A1110DB features Casio’s pioneering Smart Access technology, which simplifies the operation of multiple functions through simultaneous movements of the watches motors. Aesthetically, the watch is designed to offer the clearest view, enabling the wearer to tell the time at a quick glance.

For the action man, Casio Edifice’s EFM-500SBD is protected by a high level of water resistance to shield from the harsh elements, ideal for a watersports enthusiast or a man constantly on the go.  Playing on this season’s nautical trend, the watch features a matt-black dial with uniquely oversized time indications and stylish blue colour pops for high visibility.

The new Casio Edifice line will be available from June.  

What’s your favourite watch from the range? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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