Video – The Chance – UK Finals bring you this video from the UK Finals of Nike’s campaign The Chance where 100 players were whittled down to just three who progress to the global finals in Barcelona!

The 100 finalists congregated in Manchester for a rigorous assessment which saw the players work under elite-level coaches and enjoy the facilities and training analysis usually reserved for top flight players.

And our favourite part of this awesome video is definitely the skill at 08.57 and the pearler of a goal at 09.23 – well worth a look!

The Chance is a global talent search spearheaded by Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola and conducted by an extensive global scouting network that includes some of the most distinguished names in football, from Carlos Puyol and Rio Ferdinand to Laurent Blanc and Jürgen Klinsmann.

The three winners will now progress to the global finals in Barcelona where 16 unsigned athletes will be selected to form an elite squad that will travel the globe, training with the world’s best professional teams and playing against the most prestigious academy sides.

Sounds like a good gig to us!

What do you like most about the video? How do you think the UK lads will do out in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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