Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 football boots arrive at Sport-locker.net HQ!

Another day, another playtest on the horizon for Sport-locker.net – this time in the shape of the beautifully crafted Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 football boots!

And it’s fair to say, we are ruddy excited to get our feet in these bad boys!

The buzz around the office was definitely centering on the much talked about Mukaiten Panel on the medial side of the boot.

‘Mukaiten’ refers to the Japanese phenomenon of non-spin free kicks with this technology best demonstrated by Keisuke Honda’s stunning free kick in Japan’s 3-1 win against Denmark during the World Cup 2010 group stages.

The Mukaiten panel is complimented by a 360 degree bio-panel on the vamp, re-designed for the Wave Ignitus 2 MD.

The more aggressive panels generate increased friction and control at ball contact, and have been integrated into a new lacing system which enlarges the striking area.

We’ll also be looking at the new stud configuration which aims to improve traction on firm ground and reduces stud pressure, improving flexion and enhancing comfort through integrated Mizuno Wave Technology.

Stay tuned to the site for the review folks….

What are you most excited reading about in our playtest review? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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