Football boot release: Pele Sports unveil SHEONE Trinity 3E! can this morning reveal that legendary artist SHEONE has collaborated with Pele Sports to produce a bespoke design exclusively for the Trinity 3E to be launched in August 2012!

London based artist James Choules who adopts the alter ego of SHEONE, uses his unique brand of abstract painting and applies it to the incredible ground-breaking football boot, the Trinity 3E.

Inspired from the New York wave graffiti era of the early eighties, SHEONE has created a black and white upper design in his iconic signature strokes. The leading cultural artist has injected his own bold approach in art that has become his trademark, known round the world.

SHEONE stated, “I am a football fan myself, supporting a certain London team that wears blue. The idea of translating my works onto the boots felt perfectly natural, after all graffiti art was born on the subway trains of New York City, which carried the art through the 5 boroughs; I hope with this project we can carry it around the world.”

The revolutionary football boot already possesses impressive tri-technology, which harnesses the ability to perform a dual task: maximising a player’s game & speed potential and actually training muscles during play.

This has been achieved through extensive research and testing as well as a combination of lightweight materials, unique support and innovative stud geometry.

SHEONE has built a reputation for making complex installation paintings, being able to contend comfortably with very large and often unruly spaces. Describing his work as a brand of abstract typography, Pelé Sports have released an exceptional boot of highly individualistic style.

The boot is available from 15th September at for £159.99.

What are your initial impressions of the new SHEONE Trinity 3E? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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