The Chance 2012: Global Finals Day 2 bring you an update from Day 2 at the global finals of Nike’s The Chance campaign…

Having watched two of their fellow finalists rewarded for their play yesterday by travelling to training in style in sports cars, it was back to the elite surroundings of the FC Barcelona training facility for the final 100 of The Chance hoping to catch the eye of the coaching staff.

The heat may have been a factor but there was no let-up in the effort shown by the players. “I came here from Ghana to make it as a professional footballer and so I have to work hard,” said Bismark Kwarteng, a 19-year-old finalist. “I am pleased with my play today. Yes it is hot, but not as hot as Ghana!”

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Small-sided games and shooting drills were on the schedule with the players showing a high technical standard in both. “I think the guys now understand that this is a competition, not a vacation,” says Darren Jones, one of the coaches.

“Today I was very impressed. I saw a lot of technically very good work. The players have to switch on and they realise that the guy standing next to them might be the one to take their spot and they have to be that 5% better prepared, that 5% better to make it.”

“Today was all about intensifying the sessions and making the training far more dynamic. We were challenging those who we felt had done well yesterday to stay on that level or even get better, but also wanted to see those who might have not been at their best to up their game, otherwise they will be sweating when it comes to the cut on Thursday. The coaching staff got a lot down on paper in terms of notes on the guys and we feel we are now getting a real feel for who is in with a shout this week.” Jimmy Gilligan, Head Coach at the Nike Academy

Who do you like the look of in the videos above? Will the winner come from the UK? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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