all set for Maximuscle’s Protein Project


Like most British men, everyone here at wants to be fitter, slimmer, stronger, faster, better. (That’s a Daft Punk track, right?)

Terrible attempt at a dad joke aside, we can never really be bothered to get down to the gym after work or organise a healthy diet – sound familiar?

Well all that might be about to change after Editor Sam Van Gelder and in-house fitness freak Aaron Coates agreed to take up the challenge issued by Maximuscle by undertaking the 12-week training programme, The Protein Project.

We’ve been sent stash loads of stuff to help get us go from scrawny worm to buff byson – well that’s the theory anyway!


You may have seen on the TV adverts that three normal guys have already been chosen to take on the 12 week challenge in which they’ll be mentored by three of the UK’s most prominent sportsman, get trained by Maximuscle athletes, as well as sessions with Maximuscle personal trainers and nutritionists.

This is Maximuscle’s way of tackling the problem of time vs. healthy-lifestyle head-on. Maximuscle is going to show the British public that achieving the proverbial ‘healthy lifestyle’ around a busy work-life balance is achievable for everyone.

Bars and BetaAlanine

Maximuscle want to overcome the common myths that surround protein and show the difference that protein can make to the everyday person. It not only plays a key role in the structure of muscle tissue but is also vital for virtually all cell functions in the body. Regardless of how much you exercise, it is important that you get enough protein – anyone can benefit.

We can’t wait to get started and we’ll post regular updates throughout the 12 week project – so stay tuned to the site!


You can follow the journey of James, Oli and David, the three contestants in the The Protein Project competition, via the Maximuscle website. Check out

What do you think of the project? Are you taking part? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter Facebook pages.

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