Pizza Hut pays INGENIOUS homage to Sir Alex Ferguson


The internet is awash with copious amounts of copy on the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson (and rightly so!) but just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring you this story…

A Pizza Hut Restaurant in Manchester will be commemorating his past 26 years as manager of one of the greatest football teams in the world in true football fan style.

Wait for it…

Team members at the White City Retail Park Pizza Hut Restaurant will be wearing red armbands as a sign of respect and handing out chewing gum at the end of the meal – a well-known trademark of the magnanimous football manager!

“As a restaurant we’ve never done anything like this before, but then Sir Alex is no ordinary man” comments Jonathan Terry, restaurant general manager.


“Aside from his football success, one thing we all know Fergie for is his gum chewing at matches and therefore we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his time as the head and heart of Manchester United!

“We hope that our small gesture shows Sir Alex that our Pizza Hut team members and diners appreciate the quarter of a century he’s dedicated to our great city. This is one man who has made his mark in sporting history.”

Did you spot it? Yes, the general manager of the restaurant is called JOHN TERRY!


The Pizza Hut team at White City Retail Park will wear red armbands and give customers free chewing gum at the end of their meal in honour of recently retired Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson.

What do you think of the gesture from Pizza Hut? Is Ferguson the best manager of all time? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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