DAVID BECKHAM RETIRES – adidas produce one final pair of Predators for his final match



So the living legend (that should be Sir) David Beckham is hanging up his boots tonight after a truly illustrious career which has seen his football skills grace Milan, Madrid, Los Angeles (and Preston…)

And Sport-locker.net are struggling to put into words just how we will miss this great man!

What we’ll particularly miss (hairstyles aside) is his choice of footwear on the green stuff…


So to mark his recent announcement to retire, his long standing partner adidas have produced a final pair of adidas Predator boots for him!

The iconic adidas Predator Lethal Zone boots made famous by the English football legend, were personalised by Beckham on the adidas customisation site www.miadidas.com.


Beckham has been wearing the synonymous range of adidas footwear since 1996 when he scored his famous goal against Wimbledon from the half way line.

Emboldened by the red, white & blue colours and the union flag of Great Britain, Beckham’s love for his country is the main inspiration for the design.


Every aspect of the boot has David’s personal touch.  As with all his boots the love for his family is ever present, featuring the initials of his wife Victoria and the names of his four children: Brooklyn; Romeo; Cruz and Harper.


The boot also includes the shirts numbers from David’s playing career: 7, 23 and 32.

Commenting on his boots, David Beckham said: “This is truly a special moment for me and I’m happy that my longest serving partner, adidas was able to work with me to commemorate the moment.


“What I really wanted to come across was the passion I had playing for my country and the pride that gave me.”

Beckham will wear the specially customised boots when he takes to the field for PSG in his last game ever against Brest tonight.


What do you think of Beckham’s last pair of boots? Is he the best English midfielder in recent history? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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