Goalkeeper glove release: Mitre Anza G2 Pro range

Mitre Anza

We’re forever bringing you news of football boot or kit releases here at Sport-locker.net – so it’s only right that we give some coverage for those more interested in keeping the ball away from the net…

Goalkeepers rarely get the praise they deserve, and Mitre, who are normally intrinsically linked with top notch footballs, are now really carving their way into the goalkeeper market.

And we’ve got a feeling their in safe hands! *gets coat*

The new Mitre Anza G2 Pro goalkeeper gloves have at last been unveiled in the most exciting football league across the globe, by Australia and Fulham stopper, Mark Schwarzer.

With the introduction of the new M-tech latex, the Anza G2 range has been specifically engineered to enable outstanding grip in all conditions, the glove also boasts a supersoft XP top grade 4x4mm latex.


Schwarzer wears the Mitre Anza G2 Pro Negative Goalkeeper Glove. For more information visit www.mitre.com

What do you think of the gloves? How do you rate Schwarzer as a goalkeeper? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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