interview with Tom Onslow-Cole!

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It’s not all about football here at!

This week we caught up with British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) driver Tom Onslow-Cole.

(and what a lovely chap he was…)

How pleased were you with your performance at Thruxton?

Personally I was very happy with my performance, looking back at the races I’m confident I couldn’t have got any more out of the CC. That same feeling echoes within the team too, everyone involved with my car and Team HARD. I have been working night and day to give me a race car that can run at the front.

To come away with two podiums and the second biggest points haul of any driver is a huge boost and a small repayment towards all the effort & time my team have put in.

What are your hopes for the next round at Oulton Park?

Oulton Park is going to be tricky, although it has some very fast ‘Thruxton-esque’ sections there’s also a lot of slow speed technical corners and this is an area in which our car still needs work. We have got some developments coming that should improve this but until we hit the track we won’t know exactly how by how much, if we can come away with some more silverware on what is a more challenging track for our car then I’ll be elated.

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How different has it been racing with Team Hard?

It’s been a completely new challenge, although I’ve tackled car development in the past it’s usually been in a well-established, well-oiled team. The advantage of such a new project is the ability to mould everything the way you’d like it as a driver. That’s not say I always get my own way but I’ve definitely been able to influence a team environment that I’m extremely comfortable and confident in. I’m enjoying it!

Did you always want to be a racing driver?

I had a small stint of wanting to be a fighter pilot but I eventually saw sense when I saw BTCC for the first time as an 8 year old boy.

Who was your hero growing up?

In my early years it was probably Nigel Mansell, he was my dad’s favourite and I didn’t know any better. Still, looking back I think he was a great racing driver. His no holds barred approach was great to watch.


What is your ultimate career ambition?

My ultimate ambition is to become world champion, what form that will take is anyone’s guess. The World Endurance Championship is very attractive but then I’ve always been good at tiddlywinks too.

What interests do you have outside of racing?

Right now my life is racing and there isn’t too much outside of that, any time I get off is ploughed into my new business EDEC but then even that’s to do with motorsport.

Do you ever drift into ‘racer’ mode when driving on the road?

Have you seen what I’m driving? I don’t think the old girl (Rover 25) would survive if I tried anything racey!

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