Gillette cure’s Post Season Blues!


Now that the football season is officially over, are definitely suffering – and Gillette Football Club have finally diagnosed our recent spate of ill health.

We can confirm that we have a bout of Post Season Blues (PSB)!!!

And with every illness, there comes a prescription – and luckily for us Gillette have sent us our very own personalised Subbuteo set to help us recover…


A recent study revealed that 73% of football fans are at a loss for things to occupy their time once the season finishes.


The study, commissioned by Gillette Football Club, aims to highlight the reality of Post Season Blues (PSB) and offer football fans a “Soccer Solution” in the off-season.

Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis explains that, “Anyone who doubts the strength of what has been termed Post Season Blues (PSB) clearly fails to appreciate the intensity of the passions aroused by the ‘beautiful game’. The fans conscious mind has little or no control over the powerful emotions generated.”


·          Top five fears about the off-season

1.     Not having anything to talk about with friends (16%)

2.     Shopping (16%)

3.     Not having an excuse to go out/go to the pub (13%)

4.     Having to spend more time with their loved ones (6%)

5.     Having to spend more time with their partner (6%)


·          Almost one in twenty said the football off-season leaves a massive void in their life, rating the hole as ten on a scale of 1-10

·          In an average weekend during the season, football fans will watch around three hours of the sport.

·          Once the football season has finished, one in five fans say they feel bored

·          Almost one in five (19%) admit they usually start counting down to the next season, as soon as the final whistle is blown on the previous one



To prevent PSB this off-season visit

Do you think you are at risk from PSB? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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