Football boot release: Lotto launch ‘glow in the dark’ Solista! are absolutely buzzing to show off the Lotto Solista – the world’s first totally reflective football boot!

Called Solista and, as such, it knows just how to stand out from the pack…

Designed to impress in every way, the Solista offers a never seen before visibility.

As the video shows, in normal light, it looks like a matte gray finish. But once those floodlights shine on these, the upper transforms into hi-vis beacon of shining light!

Lotto_Solista fn

What’s more, it combines great performance with a unique, elegant and simple design.

The single-piece upper is made entirely of high quality microfibre, with a smear reflector effect. The shoe also features a microfibre lining, removable EVA insole and microfibre tongue with padded central reinforcements to cushion the ball’s impact on the instep.


The TX sole, a new concept, features 12 two-tone TPU studs with double geometry – lamellar and triangular – to provide excellent traction both on landing and turning.

To complete the picture is the typical Lotto lozenge logo in a trendy neon green, then the electric-blue laces and on the tongue the embroidered musical note, Solista’s hallmark.


They’re certainly for those footballers who never want to go unnoticed!

What do you think of the Lotto Solista football boots? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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