adidas launch world’s first football tracking mobile app

Adidas_SnapShot_FB_Highlighted_Bale_iphone[1][1] are buzzing off chops to reveal that adidas have today unveiled Snapshot – the world’s first football tracking app on a smartphone!

The cutting edge software tracks, records and analyses football shots and allows users to share their results with the world.

Fans that download the app will be able to film their kicks with friends, with the innovative technology calculating the speed, angle and flight time of every shot. Every kick can be analysed, giving fans important information on their game and helping them to improve.

Players can keep record of all kicks in a Library section, track their best achievements and score history or compare their shots with the world’s best players led by Gareth Bale.

Features of the app include real time and super slow-motion video playback and stunning visual effects.

The app allows photos and videos of shots to be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and then players can challenge their friends for the highest score and achievements.

The app is available in 18 languages and downloadable on the iPhone and iPod from The App Store. For further information please visit or go to or @adidasfootball on twitter to join the conversation.

What do you think of adidas Snapshot? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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