Football release: Nike Incyte ball goes ‘Hi-Vis’


As winter approaches, teams in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A will play with the new Nike Incyte ‘Hi-Vis’ ball— and have some imagery for you…


Continuing the tradition of making the most technologically advanced footballs in the game, the Nike ‘Hi-Vis’ Incyte ball features performance innovations that increase reaction, touch, ball flight and visibility.


The new ‘hi-vis’ Incyte ball features:

  • Nike RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology maximizes the ball’s visibility allowing players to see the ball earlier and react faster.
  • Five-layer construction optimizes the feel of that all-important first touch, allowing the athlete to bring the ball under control quickly and with ease.
  • A high-elasticity layer on the surface allows for a cleaner strike and helps the ball travel with more speed. The micro-textured casing also delivers a more accurate ball trajectory than seen before


Players in some of the toughest leagues in the world will begin using the Nike Incyte ‘hi-vis’ ball in matches from October 26th and is available to buy beginning of October.

What do you think of the hi-vis version of the Incyte? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter Facebook pages.

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