Football Type – a must have book for all football fans!

F37 Football Type235285 today brings you a book that should be on the Christmas list of every football fan.

(if it hadn’t sold out so quickly!)

Still, it’s a thing of absolute beauty…

F37 Football Type235280

Why did naked Gerrie Mühren force Johan Cruyff to wear the legendary No.14 for the first time? Did you know Antoni Gaudi helped design Barcelona’s 2012 shirt numbers? How did a 1934 telegram mentioning “perfect knickers, slips and anklets” inspire Manchester City’s 2011 FA Cup glory? And which landmark motivated Real Madrid’s 2005 kit digits?

F37 Football Type235274

Football Type, by award-winning designer Rick Banks, reveals these and other remarkable typographical tales about the nation’s favourite game.

F37 Football Type235289

Bolton Wanderers and font fanatic Banks gathered the world’s most unusual names and numerals for this beautiful, fascinating, art book. The book is a limited edition of 1000, with each cover hand numbered using official Premier League lettering.

F37 Football Type235308

Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, England, Liverpool, The FA, adidas, PUMA, Umbro and Nike all contributed to the rich history of typography in the sport. Writer Sheridan Bird, whose work includes England programmes, Manchester United publications, UEFA Champions Matchday, Creative Review, World Soccer and, provided accompanying text for the wonderful images.

F37 Football Type235264

100% profits from book sales have gone to the Football Foundation, a UK charity improving sports facilities and creating opportunities for people.

F37 Football Type235281

So those that have learnt why Diego Maradona should have worn No.12 at the 1986 World Cup and Fenerbahce have flags on their backs, have fed their mind and also helped grassroots sport!


For information about Football Type visit (have a look at the site, but the book is now sold out!)

F37 Football Type235296

What do you think of the book? Have you got any favourite/most hated fonts? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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