Maximuscle to be rebranded as Maxinutrition and a peak inside GSK’s Human Performance Lab

_2014118 love a New Year’s resolution and are in the process of dreaming up a good-un for 2014.

But whatever we come up with, it is unlikely to match the ambitious and exciting plan revealed by Maximuscle.

In January 2014 Maximuscle, the UK and Europe’s leading sports nutrition brand, will be renamed Maxinutrition.

With 80% of the 7,000,000 people in Britain who exercise regularly each week not understanding the benefit protein-led sports nutrition can provide, the rebrand is part of a long term strategy to broaden the relevance and appeal of protein.


The traditional Maximuscle products will become part of the new Maxinutrition range and be divided into four ranges: Recover and Rebuild; Mass and Size; Strength and Power; and Lean Definition.

The re-categorisation of the product ranges will help consumers understand which product is right for them by both their goal and training status, from Sunday League footballers to Rugby Premiership players.


From the beginning of 2014, the brand will be focused on making protein relevant for everyone from elite athletes to light exercisers, and will launch with a new consumer campaign, feedyourmuscles in February 2014.

Using real people to demonstrate the difference protein makes to them when they exercise, the campaign will educate everyday exercisers on the benefits of protein-based sports nutrition in a visual and verbal style that feels more approachable and relevant to them.


Craig Read, Maxinutrition’s Marketing Director, comments, “The shift from Maximuscle to Maxinutrition will allow us to leverage our expertise around protein based nutrition to benefit a broader consumer base.

Protein is a key ingredient in a healthy balanced diet and is responsible for vital functions within the body. It is particularly important when doing exercise to encourage muscle growth and recovery. The simplified Maxinutrition ranges will make choosing the appropriate product easier.


There will also be clear guidance to help people achieve their goals in a healthy and effective way.

The new range will make it easier for consumers who exercise regularly to understand the benefits of protein and help them to choose the right product for them.”

The role of protein in improving human performance is one of the first research studies to be undertaken by the GSK Human Performance Lab, and will help in differentiating Maxinutrition products.


The GSK Human Performance lab is a new research facility working in partnership with individuals and organisations committed to elite human performance -professional athletes, sports National Governing Bodies, sports teams, military personal, extreme explorers.

Once achieved, the science can be applied to producing products that not only meet, but anticipate our consumers’ health needs, allowing them greater access to technology or products that are proven to enhance human performance and wellbeing.

GSK Consumer Healthcare, the maker of Maxinutrition, is the UK’s largest healthcare company with a 150 year heritage of science and research.

What do you think of the Maximuscle/Maxinutrition rebrand? Tell us your New Year fitness plans. Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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