Gillette announces Joe Hart will front new football campaign


Gillette, the world’s leading male grooming brand, announced today that England’s no1 goalkeeper, Joe Hart is to become the face of the brand’s Football Campaign. The campaign, Fans of Steel, aims to reward and celebrate fans in the UK who show unwavering resilience and support for their team.

This announcement comes as part of Gillette’s global football strategy launched today. Joe Hart will join Gillette’s team of football ambassadors alongside Messi and other players from around the world; Thomas Muller (Germany) , “Oscar” and “Lucas” (Brazil), ”Chicharito” (Mexico), “Falcao” (Colombia), Kagawa (Japan), Sung-Yeung Ki (South Korea) and “Player of the Century” Pele (Brazil), in addition to the elite portfolio of players Gillette is partnering with world leading national teams including Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Mexico .

To mark the launch, Messi stars in the ‘Trading Places’ (#InnerSteel) video alongside Roger Federer. The video shows Messi and Federer in a locker room, together for the first time, being transported from reality to fantasy as they pick up and use a different Gillette Special Edition Country Razor.

They experience something uniquely different each time and are confronted with challenges to their ‘Inner Steel’. To view the video go to: or watch below.


Speaking about the partnership Joe Hart says; “Throughout my career, I have found that in order to perform you need to draw on your inner strength. This ‘Inner Steel’ is within all of us and nothing motivates me more than seeing this dedication and commitment from fans when I am out on the pitch.

“I am really excited to be involved in a campaign that not only recognises the inner steel required of a player, but that celebrates and rewards the resilience of a fan, because fans in the UK really are the most resilient and the best in the world.”

Gillette Brand Manager Jared Regan says “Gillette is a brand with a long history in sport and knows that it takes “Inner Steel” for sportsmen of all levels to perform at their best. Elite sportsmen show all the qualities we look to for ourselves and our brand: to be the very best you can be at what you choose to do; ultimate dedication and commitment to your team and your goals; and an unwavering desire to succeed and a will to in.

“Joe Hart is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and is the ultimate professional. He shows all these qualities both on and off the pitch and we’re proud to be working with him.”

Gillette’s Fans of Steel campaign will encourage football fans in the UK to share and celebrate their stories of inner steel. At a time when the world’s footballers are pushing themselves to their limit, Gillette’s campaign will ignite fans’ inner strength and celebrate the role that they play in helping their teams strive for success.

Speaking about the campaign Gillette Brand Manager Jared Regan says “Gillette’s new football campaign will not only recognise the inner steel required of our elite sportsmen to be at their best, but that of all the fans around the world; the ones who, come rain or shine, in good times and bad, are out supporting their teams.”

As a part of the campaign, a new line of Limited Edition razors, made from incomparable steel, will be available in England, Brazil and Football colours. The products will be available in the UK to buy in all good retailers until July 31st 2014.

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