Football boot playtest review: Hummel Celestial DK2X K-Leather



When heard that uber cool Danish brand hummel were making a comeback on the football boot scene we couldn’t wait to see what they would deliver.

So when they sent us two pairs to review, it really did feel like our Christmas had come early!

Here’s our (in a nutshell) lowdown on the Celestial DK2X K-Leather



While you won’t have seen many high profile players outside of Denmark gracing the hummel Celestials, those of us who appreciate the simple heritage boot will immediately recognise the twin chevrons of Denmark’s hummel!

The Celestial appearance is certainly not ground-breaking in terms of design but does offer a classic retro style that most modern day boots lack.

The green sole and detailing looks smart when in play and helps boot to stand out. Simple yet effective.

The surface of boot does have some control styled detail –a nice little touch!

These really are a joy to hold and gawp at. If only more football boots on the market looked as classic as these bad boys.



There is no denying that Hummel use quality leather that enables complete comfort for entire duration of wear, good fit to feet and no blisters suffered.

No difference could be felt when playing on grass or 3G pitches – these are like a pair of worn in slippers after a few wears!

The K-leather upper is incredibly supple and offers a completely smooth ride and touch on the ball.



What’s more, these are surprisingly light to play in, with moulded sole you may expect them to have a weighty feel, but play with a light touch and not as if it’s a boot from the 60s, as styling could suggest.

Hummel have done a splendid job here!



The boot may not be to everyone’s taste as it does not offer the flash styling we have become accustomed to in recent times, but what it does offer however is a comfortable and reliable football boot that’s well priced at £80.00.

What’s more, you’ll look like the ultimate hipster donning these on the pitch…

What do you think of the Hummel Celestial DK2X K-Leather football boots? What are Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

2 thoughts on “Football boot playtest review: Hummel Celestial DK2X K-Leather

  1. SM Kiong says:


    how’s the sizing or fitting like?

    for comparison, i wear a nike tiempo legend IV and mizuno morelia in uk6.5, but copa mundial = uk6.0


    1. samsportlocker says:

      Thanks for the comment. I would say they fit larger than the Copas so I would stick to a UK6.5.

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