interview the legend that is Carlos Valderama!



The World Cup has been pretty ruddy great so far hasn’t it?!

So much so, that has been neglected…

Apologies. But we’re back in the game with this interview with Carlos Valderama…



James Rodriguez is the talk of the football world at the minute. What are your thoughts on him?

James Rodriguez is a player I’ve watched and admired for a long time. He’s been with the main team for a few years and it’s no surprise to me that he’s an important player, right now he is our biggest reference and has showed that he is our star.

But this is no surprise as he’s already proven himself that he’s a quality player with his teams in Argentina, Portugal and France.

So the World Cup can be seen as the final exam for him. I hope he keeps playing at this top level.


Is he the next El Pibe?

For many years people always ask me who will be the next ‘El Pibe’, the Colombians said the same too, the answer is James Rodriguez and he’s already showing that he’s earned this honour and will show this for many, many years.

This generation of players has already qualified for the next stage and therefore will play their fourth match in a World Cup.


How far can this Columbia side go?

If they go on to play their fifth match (the quarter finals), it’s an achievement Colombia has never made before and this generation will be regarded as the best generation ever.

But what I really wish and all Colombians desire is that we get to play 7 matches this World Cup and hopefully winning in the final. Every World Cup has a surprise and I think that this year it’s Colombia!

What do you think of Columbia’s chances in the World Cup? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and  Facebook pages.

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