get kitted out in Nike Tech Gear and all white Nike Tuned 1 for the summer!


The sun is shining. The World Cup has been absolutely sensational. Life is good for everyone here at!

Garden BBQ’s and pub lunches in the sunshine will soon very much be on the agenda, which means you’ll need some new clobber and crepes for the occasion.

And we think we’ve found exactly what you should be wearing…


Remember back in the day when you were slightly chavvy? Popper bottoms, Schott hoodies etc.

There was only one pair of trainers that set that look off better than any other. It was of course the Nike Tuned 1 (or TNs as they were more commonly known.)


However, when FootLocker unveiled their White Collection recently, we had to get a pair!



The colourway is one of the freshest we’ve ever seen, and they are beyond comfortable. What more do you want?

100% exclusive to FootLocker, the Nike Tuned 1 stands out as the first Nike shoe to feature tuned air technology, which allows air to flow between multiple air units implemented in the midsole, maximizing cushioning and impact protection.


But performance isn’t the only feature of the shoe.

We think that the design also helps the Nike Tuned 1 to be one of the most fashionable and original athletic sneaker ever!


A pair of shorts. A beach. Brazil. Winner!


You’ll also notice we’re sporting some rather dapper casual wear in these photos. We’re sporting the next generation of classic sport apparel: Nike’s Tech Pack, Tech Fleece Collection.


And wow is it GOOD!

To Nike, every human being on earth is an athlete. An idea perfectly summed up by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman in a single sentence:


“If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

It’s quite clear that we are not a professional athlete, but if the collection is good enough for Rory McIlroy, Neymar Jr., Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Kevin Prince Boateng and Rafa Nada (et al) then it sure is good enough for us!


From the Nike Tech N98 Track Jacket to the Windrunner Tech 2.0, Nike Tech Fleece is light, warm, and looks as good as it performs.

It’s everyday sportswear innovated for everyday life.


Both the shorts and bottoms are extremely comfortable too – we’re completely converted to the Nike Tech way of life!

Roll on these summer days…


Since 1998, the Nike Tuned 1, also known as the Nike Air Max Plus, is Foot Locker’s signature shoe and symbolises the strong collaboration between Nike and Foot Locker. The Nike Tuned 1, is only available at FootLocker.


What do you think of the Nike Tech Pack gear? Are you a fan of the all white Nike Tuned 1? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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