MaxiNutrition ‘shakes’ up the Sports Nutrition Market with Starter Kit

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It’s too early to be thinking about Christmas (it’s not really, but we’re too unorganised to think this early…) but have got the perfect gift for someone who is trying to get in shape in the New Year…

In short, MaxiNutrition’s new Sports Nutrition Starter Kit should be in your shopping basket.

MaxiNutrition, the UK and Europe’s number one sports nutrition brand, has launched an entry level nutrition pack, which is set to hit the shelves this October and will only set you back £19.99.


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The Sports Nutrition Starter Kit is designed with novices to the nutrition market in mind as well as consumers who are looking to get fit and healthy. There is currently no other product pack available in UK retail which gives users a full nutritional, dietary and training taster.

The Sports Nutrition Starter Kit gives consumers that are unfamiliar with sports nutrition the chance to try a range of bestselling products without committing to a month’s supply.

The Sports Nutrition Starter Kit contains five Promax protein sachets, a MaxiNutrition shaker, Protein Milk, Promax MEAL Bar, a specifically designed training & nutrition plan, as well as some great, exclusive online content all included.

Maxi - Approved (2)

Gareth Nicholas, Head of Nutrition at MaxiNutrition said “Protein is a vital nutrient that your body needs every day as part of a healthy balanced diet. Consuming protein will support the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue, helping you to support your training goals.”

Protein is essential to build and sustain your muscles. Feeding your muscles with MaxiNutrition protein products will enable you to maximise your workouts. #feedyourmuscles

What do you think of the MaxiNutrition Starter Kit? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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