Introducing the Suede S – The latest addition to PUMA’s Suede family

JA_Puma_Incidentals__0548 1 loves a trainer release, especially when it’s a slight rejuvenation of a classic…

2015 will see the release of the newest member of the PUMA Suede family – The Suede S.

The thought process behind the design of the Suede S was to imagine that the Suede was being designed for the very first time.


Incorporating sturdy suede uppers, breathable perforations, a rubber formstripe and padded nylon tongue, the Suede S sits in a modernised sole unit – slightly thinner and smoother than its counterpart but street ready none the less.


The raised rubber PUMA logo on the padded tongue as well as technical features including extra heel and toe protection really make the Suede S stand apart as its own silhouette.


First released in 1968, the rounded silhouette crafted in suede broke down barriers in manufacturing saying no to ordinarily typical leathers of the time and making it a game-changer from the offset.

Worn by greats such as Olympic track star Tommie Smith and basketball legend Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier, the Suede soon grew into new levels of fame rearing its presence in the early days of hip-hop and funk beats in the 70’s.

JA_Puma_Incidentals__0557 1

It soon cemented itself as a cultural street icon with the rise of street music and the early 90’s saw the Suede fast becoming the footwear choice of several subcultures from skateboarders to punk rockers.

Since its beginning over 45 years ago, the PUMA Suede is a shoe that always been there, a style that everyone has come to know and love, a true fashion staple.

The PUMA Suede S is exclusively available at JD Sports RRP: £55.00

What do you think of the PUMA Suede S? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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