Swimmers make the best lovers according to new BHF research!


Cyclists are more likely to be emotionally stable, runners the most extrovert, swimmers the happiest and walkers the least materialistic according to new research launched today by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), Sport-locker.net can reveal!

The new research celebrates the launch of the BHF’s 2015 events series, which offers all ‘sporting personalities’ an event to suit them. The series includes over 70 events across the UK and overseas ranging from runs, swims, cycle rides to treks.

The psychological study, conducted by Mindlab, surveyed 2,000 adults across the UK and has uncovered that the type of sport we choose reveals a lot about our personality traits.


Our choice of sport can reveal how charitable we are, the type of newspapers we are most likely to read and suggest how we might vote in the next general election. The survey also revealed that over half (61%) of UK adults wanted to take on a challenge for charity, whatever their ‘sports personality’ type.

The ‘sports personalities’

Cyclists Runners
·  Vote Liberal

·  Laid back and calm

·  Least likely to be depressed or suffer stress

·  Materialistic


·  Vote Labour

·  Extroverts

·  Love being the centre of attention

·  Listen to lively upbeat music

Swimmers Walkers (Trekkers)
·  Make the best lovers

·  Charitable

·  Happiest

·  Tidy

·  Like their own company

·  Charitable

·  Don’t like drawing attention to themselves

·  Least materialistic



·  Extraverted and highly emotionally stable (less likely than others to suffer mood swings)

·  One of the happiest groups

·  More likely than other groups to read the Sun

·  Most likely to vote Conservative



·  Very agreeable and conscientious (organised, find it easy to put themselves into other people’s shoes)

·  One of the least materialistic groups

·  Most likely out of all groups to vote for the Green party

Olympic Heptathlete Louise Hazel, who is taking on the London to Eastbourne cycling challenge for the BHF in September, explains: “Whatever your sports personality or level of fitness I would encourage everyone to sign up to a BHF event. Heart disease devastates too many lives, killing around 80,000 people every year. I lost my father to heart disease, he was just 50 years old.  This is why I’m taking on a cycling challenge for BHF.


“Taking on a challenge can help you to get fit, enjoy the sport you love and also help to raise funds for vital research which could help save more people like my dad.”

To see a copy of the BHF’s latest events calendar and to sign up for a challenge visit http://www.bhf.org.uk/events


What do you think of this latest bit of research from the BHF? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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