Multipower launches new Brand Identity to help ‘Feed Your Inner Champion’

IMG_2667 were pumped when we received a bulky batch of protein from newly branded Multipower earlier this week…

Leading European Sports Nutrition Company, Atlantic Multipower recently introduced a new logo, brand image and packaging design.

The new look draws upon Multipower’s 35 years of sports nutrition expertise and heritage in order to better meet the needs of the present day fitness consumer.


The new brand image will be introduced with an advanced range of market leading protein powders. The rollout of the new design across the entire Multipower range will then be completed by the end of 2016.

The new design incorporates an impactful brand logo with sleek, professional and premium looking packaging, to reflect the motivations of gym goers. The redesign places an increased emphasis on aesthetics; something that is increasingly becoming the key driver of fitness enthusiasts.


The new Multipower “M” logo represents a dynamic mountain, portraying the progressive nature of the brand and its users, always striving to progress, reach the top and overcome their own personal boundaries – a key value that all fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike are able to identify with.

Commenting on the new branding, Manuela Ufer, Senior Brand Manager Lifestyle said, “We’re very proud of Multipower’s new identity. The fitness and gym market is continually evolving, so it is important that Multipower evolves with it.


“Our new look will better help us relate to gym-goers who now hold both performance and aesthetics as key motivators. The new packaging and logo will give Multipower far more impact and greater on-shelf recognition which will help differentiate it from its competitors.”

“The new design coupled with the premium quality of Multipower’s products will make it easier for consumers to identify with the brand. Our strapline of “feed your inner champion” portrays how we assist the consumer on their fitness journey.


“The new Protein Powder range is the perfect opportunity to introduce the rebrand and we’re looking forward to an exciting year for Multipower.”

To find out more about Multipower’s new range of protein powders visit

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