TAYLORMADE Golf Celebrates 15 Years of Driver Dominance

TaylorMade Golf Company, renowned for innovations in performance-enhancing golf equipment, celebrated 15 Years of Driver dominance this week ahead of The Open Championship at the Home of Golf, St Andrews.

This iconic venue with its rich heritage provided the perfect stage to host the TaylorMade Golf ‘15 Years of Driver Dominance’ event at the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel. The company’s tireless pursuit of innovation and excellence has enabled TaylorMade Golf to maintain its dominant position as the #1 Driver on Tour* for the past fifteen years.


To celebrate this success, TaylorMade Golf welcomed to the stage TaylorMade Tour professionals Stephen Gallacher (sponsored by Macdonald Hotels), Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson, with special host Dougie Donnelly, to discuss their success stories and memories of TaylorMade Golf’s R-Series Drivers.

The Vice President of Tour Operations for TaylorMade Golf, Keith Sbarbaro, also joined the panel to discuss the ground-breaking innovations in Driver technology over the years and shared his stories of working with the best players in the world. Guests who attended the event included key European and US media, key retailers, Macdonald Hotel guests and guests from Stephen Gallacher’s Golf Foundation.

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