Calling all captains! Sportable makes organising sport easy


Sportable, the mobile app that enables team captains, local athletes and fitness fanatics to organise and discover activities, is now available to download on iOS devices, via the App Store.

With first-hand experience of the frustration caused by last-minute dropouts and searching for the right facilities, co-founders, Adam Dewji and Aya Ahmad, created Sportable to take the stress out of organising games, activities and fitness sessions.

Sportable lets you discover people in your local area with a passion for the same sport as you, who are available to play when you need them.

The app’s unique search tool also allows you to find local facilities that are suitable for the sport of your choice. Whether it’s a football pitch, a basketball court, an inside tennis court or a yoga studio, Sportable will hook you up with your desired location.

Aya Ahmad, co-founder of Sportable, commented, “I’ve played basketball and volleyball internationally since I was 12 but it was only when I graduated university that I realised how hard it is to find a team and arrange games. Adam and I have created an app that eliminates the admin associated with organising activities and fitness sessions. We’re so excited for all our fellow sport and fitness fanatics to see how easy it can be to set up your own activities.”

Adam Dewji, Sportable’s co-founder, added: “Don’t just take our word for it! Our survey of captains and sport enthusiasts showed they’re just as frustrated as us with last-minute dropouts and hunting for facilities. Time is a precious commodity and 91 per cent of people agreed that a mobile app would really help them to organise activities.”


Free to download, Sportable is available on Apple iOS, from the App Store now. Sportable will also be hosting free tournaments and group workout sessions throughout the year. For more information, head to

Free to download, Sportable is available on Apple iOS, from the App Store now here:  For more information, head to

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