adidas adds Activity Tracking Capability to FIT SMART Fitness Band


adidas have announced an update to its FIT SMART fitness band, now making achieving fitness and daily activity goals more accessible than ever before. For the first time, the category-leading heart rate monitoring and coaching platform will include activity tracking to provide users with a complete fitness and lifestyle tool.

“Embodying a healthier lifestyle is about more than just excelling in the gym,” says Stacey Burr, GM – adidas Digital Sports. “It’s making sure you avoid extended periods of inactivity and keep moving throughout the day.

By combining the insights of heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, FIT SMART now brings more insight about your body and lifestyle resulting in a more effective and rewarding journey towards the results you want.“

The new activity tracking feature is delivered with a free update to the adidas Train & Run app. In the app you can set your daily activity goals for steps, distance and calories and, for your workouts with FIT SMART, you can choose a weekly goal or select a training plan.

The weekly goal feature is ideal for those who like to mix it up without the regimen of a disciplined training schedule as it provides motivation and simple guidance for users to maintain an optimum balance of effort. The free training plans, built in partnership with adidas coaches, provides more structure and real-time guidance towards more specific goals.


A key aspect of any fitness program is motivation. The addition of activity tracking to the FIT SMART makes it an all-day fitness companion providing constant motivation, keeping users informed of progress outside of workouts.

As a result, consumers are more committed and able to reap the rewards of smarter training. Whether goals are lofty or modest, the FIT SMART is the tool to make them a reality.

“The data you get from activity tracking brings to light behaviors and habits, good and bad, that you may not have noticed.” said Brett Bartholomew, Performance Coach at EXOS. “With this new knowledge, you’ll better understand when to push harder and, just as important, when to back off intensity. The result: a greater ability to push your potential.”

adidas FIT SMART key features:

  • Accurate wrist based heart rate monitoring
  • Real-time coaching
  • Professional training plans
  • Daily activity tracking
  • GPS free distance, speed and stride tracking for running workouts
  • $149 price, with no extra cost for training plans
  • Syncs workout data with the adidas Train & Run app (available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone)


The new update for FIT SMART and the Train & Run app are now available for iOS and Android handsets and later this year on Windows 10 mobile.

To learn more visit, go to or follow @adidas_micoach on Twitter to join to conversation.

What do you think of the Activity Tracking Capability adidas have added to FIT SMART? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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