Football boot releases: Nike launch Liquid Chrome Pack

SP16_FB_365PLUS_LIQUIDCHROME_KEY_IMAGE_S11-V9_49919 can this morning bring you the launch of Nike Football’s Liquid Chrome Pack.

The boots debut this week on professional players around the world. Beyond producing an eye-catching aesthetic, the boots also conquer the challenges of working with metallic colours.

“We wanted to create something that looks immovable — as if made of metal — but comes to life in motion,” Nike Football Colour Lead Emma Jobe explains while describing Nike Football’s Liquid Chrome Pack.

“Light reflects off the boot when it comes in contact with the ball and produces almost a crumpling effect.”

“Metallics are inherently slippery, which is problematic in a sport where the colour is in constant contact with the ball,” continues Jobe. “It took close collaboration with our materials team to craft colourways that live up to our strict performance standards. We knew this was a look our players were drawn to, but we weren’t going to do it if we couldn’t do it right. These boots look amazing without any compromise.”




The new Tiempo Legend 6 Pure Platinum colorway is also part of the Liquid Chrome Pack.

The Nike Football Liquid Chrome Pack will be available across cleated and NikeFootballX versions beginning November 30 via the Nike Football App and December 2 on

What do you think of the Nike Liquid Chrome Pack? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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