ZWEIKAMPF: The first serially 3D-printed shin guard in the world

ZK_presse_PRINT (24)

It started as an idea of a hobby-football keeper from Austria.

Today, can unveil the first 3D-printed shin guard that can be produced serially.

The shin guards are found and made in Austria and can be individualized in three different ways: the size and degree of hardness of the Inlay come in three different versions.

ZK_presse_PRINT (5)

Additionally the inside of the shin guards can be branded with number and name of the player – each 3D-printed shin guard is an unique piece.

This worldwide innovation of the young company Berstein Innovation is from now on available for all amateur and professional  football players, who want to protect their shins professionally, without any pressure points and with style.

Individual wearing comfort

ZWEIKAMPF shin guards consist of three high-tech layers. The first one is the 3D-printed Shell, newly interpreted and developed. They were inspired by the model of the Samurai , who already used the benefits of this structure more than 1000 years ago.

Layer two and three are made of XRD multifunctional material which was especially developed for the needs of football. The yellow Inlay is the middle layer and is responsible for the level of hardness of the shin guard. The black Inlay is the link between the shin and its guard and guarantees best wearing comfort.

ZK_presse_PRINT (1)

The ZWEIKAMPF shin guards weight only 75 grams and have a thickness of 7 millimeters. On the basis of over 250 shin scans the shin guards match ideally to every footballer’s shin. With ZWEIKAMPF you can impress the whole team because of its unique black/yellow design.

ZWEIKAMPF can be pre-ordered exclusively on Delivery will take place after this successful campaign in the middle of May.

The family business Bernstein Innovation Ltd. is spezialized in 3D-print and was founded in 2014 by Klaus and Jakob Schmied. They design and produce high-tech components, small series and individual single pieces for the automotive and electronics industry. They aim to become the leading supplier in Europe. ZWEIKAMPF is their first own serially designed and developed product line. &

What do you think of the ZWEIKAMPF shin guard? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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