Cricket bat review: Slazenger V100 Ultimate






The Summer months are closing in and that means time to dust off the old cricket bat. Or better still treat yourself to a new one. Here SportLocker reviews the brand new Slazenger V100 Ultimate.


Concave crafted spine for a super light pick up

Hand selected performance English willow traditionally crafted to ensure optimum performance.

Premium cane oval handle delivers improved power, feel, grip and performance

Contoured toe crafted to deliver a light pick up

Subtly bowed blade helps to deliver increased power and control

Xtreme Edge Profile for an enlarged sweet spot and maximum response

Weight Range: 2lb 7oz – 2lb 10oz

Pre Knocked in with Toe Guard

Pro User: Paul Collingwood (Durham and England)

RRP: £360

First Impressions

As you might expect from one the oldest and best known sporting brands, Slazenger has produced a classic cricket bat fit for the modern game with the V100 Ultimate.

All the traditional distinguishing features and characteristics of old are there including the pouncing feline on the back and the slashing red ‘V’ symbol that once sat flat on the face but now stylishly straddles the outside edge (for the right handed batsman).

The odd flash of luminous yellow adds a subtle hint of modern eccentricity to a largely classic design.

At The Crease

The concave spine promises a ‘super light’ pick up and it certainly does not disappoint. While not the bulkiest model on the market, the V100 is no wimp ensuring that even the most elegant of stroke makers can have confidence in clearing the rope when the situation demands something a little more agricultural.

There are absolutely no complaints about the premium cane handle with its oval shape helping the bat to slip seamlessly into the palms.

Again the most striking feature is the lightness with the anticipatory pick up and tap down pre-delivery routine proving effortless allowing the batsman to concentrate fully on the ball.

Off The Mark

After a few token, but rock solid, forward defence shots it was time to flash the blade a little in order to really test the maneuverability and performance.

As the lightest bat in the latest Slazenger series, the V100 encourages shot making at the crease by allowing its user to pick up and flash through the stroke with great ease.

At the point of contact, the large sweet spot proved very easy to locate and even the odd mishit traveled sufficiently to open up the possibility of pinching a quick single or even a hard run two.

There is also a great deal of support offered by the generously proportioned edges should you find yourself out of tune early on in the innings with even a thin nick deviating sufficiently to eliminate the wicketkeeper from the equation.

Out of the Ground

But we all know that the real pleasure lies in that showpiece rasping drive or swiveling pull shot and the V100 certainly delivers on power and performance.

Add to that a satisfying ‘boom’ that both accompanies and proudly announces the execution of a pure stroke and is testament to the quality of the English willow used.


Inscribed with the words ‘Power, Precision and Performance’ the Slazenger V100 Ultimate promises much and delivers on each and every one.

The bowed blade provides the power, the concave crafted spine, the lightness for ultimate precision and the Xtreme Edge Profile, the generous sweet spot for consistent performance.

With each new cricket bat that hits the market, the task is not to reinvent the wheel but fine tune and perfect the existing template.

And the secret of the success of the Slazenger V100 Ultimate is that it plays to the strengths of such a strong and established tradition and does it rather well.

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