Tennis racket review: Dunlop Biomimetic 600 Lite

With Wimbledon on the horizon, SportLocker felt compelled to play test the brand new Dunlop Biomimetic 600 Lite tennis racket.


Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate players
Head size: 105sq. inch
Strung Weight: 290g/10.23oz
Strung Balance: 345mm
String Pattern: 16×19
Stiffness/RA: 68
Head Heavy
Beam: 22/26/24mm
Length: 27.25”
Construction: Aerogel Graphite
Pro user: Dominika Cibulkova

Featured Technology

As part of Dunlop’s Biomimetic range, the 600 Lite boasts three revolutionary technological features that are based on and inspired by the study of nature with the intention of ‘imitating life’.


Inspired by skin of a shark and applied to the surface of the racket, Aeroskin is a pattern of microscopic dimples that aim to boost aerodynamics and reduce drag by up to 25%. Resulting in greater racket speed and power.


The gecko is the inspiration for this technological feature applied to the handle grip. The sticky feet of a gecko to be more precise, giving the user up to 50% more grip and tack for enhanced feel and precision.

HM6 Carbon:

An internal frame structure inspired by honeycomb, with the benefits felt and not seen. The hexagonal design means more air, less weight and reduced vibration without sacrificing strength.

Play Test

First Impressions…

Dressed up in just black and white, the 600 Lite has a very subtle, very classic appearance and maintains a degree of modesty in a world of attention seeking exciting/vulgar (delete as appropriate) colour schemes.

Consistent with this minimalist theme is the (lack of) weight of the racket. It is remarkably light and after a few wafted air shots you could be forgiven for thinking you have landed in the middle of a fight scene in the latest cinematic instalment of the Harry Potter series.

Ground strokes

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a big racket head and larger sweet spot are going to be beneficial. But the significance comes in the trickle down effect of such features for the amateur player. The control that the generous sizing provides and the confidence it inspires is most rewarding.

When in full flow the shark inspired ‘Aeroskin’ certainly has you slicing through the air with a great deal of head speed, providing that little bit extra for those who are not natural baseline boomers.

At the net

When relying on instinct and reaction time to execute a perfectly carved volley at the net, any additional power mustered can be considered a bonus. With the 600 Lite this is where the top-heavy head comes in particularly useful in giving the ball a little extra encouragement on its way back to your opponent.

The HM6 Carbon technology comes to prominence particularly in this aspect of the game with lightness allowing for effortless manoeuvrability when switching from forehand to backhand and back again with the insurance that you will not be punished for the odd mishit with a bone rattling vibration surge.


After the customary adaptation period that comes with all new rackets, the 600 Lite was a joy to serve with. The open string pattern provided ample grip on the ball for spin while the Gecko-Tac handle provided the encouragement to really throw your wrist through the serve without fear of launching the racket at your unsuspecting opponent.


The Biomimetic 600 Lite is ideal for the improving player who still requires a little bit of sympathy from their racket with the large sweet spot and weighted head both particularly sympathetic.

With this racket and the added power it can provide to a routine stroke, it is important not to get lured into attempting Nadal-inspired power strokes. Best to let the racket do some of the work while you concentrate on letting technique prevail over brutality.

The new technology featured in the Biomimetic range is an obvious improvement from Dunlop, very successfully implemented, proving that evolution is not the reserve of nature.

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