SportLockerTV – Cristiano Ronaldo Tested To The Limit

Ever wondered how much work it takes to make it as one of the best footballers in the world?

Well can reveal a tease video that could show you exactly that!

Because this year, thanks to Castrol EDGE – the intelligence behind the Castrol Stats database – a film-documentary starring one of the world’s greatest football players, Cristiano Ronaldo, will give fans an exclusive insight into what makes him one of the best footballers of his generation.

The new doc sees the Portugal and Real Madrid winger push himself like never before in the most rigorous scientific examination of a player ever undertaken. 

Castrol EDGE Presents Ronaldo Tested to the Limit sees the star player’s legendary skills, strength and agility taken away from the pitch and into a high performance lab where the world’s leading sports scientists use the latest technology to test him in a series of challenges that show exactly what gives Ronaldo the edge.

  • Will his famous trademark free kick have the strength and power to stand up in an explosive encounter against walls of glass? 
  • How will he fare head to head against an elite sprinter in a unique battle of speed and agility?
  • Can his mental strength and intuition help him through the pitch-black cross ball challenge?
  • Will his skill, reaction speed, endurance and strength help him outwit trained marksman to survive the ultimate test – ‘Snipers Alley’?

Legendary managers Fabio Capello and Arsène Wenger give their expert opinion, with viewers getting unrivalled access to CR7 himself, as they go deep into his world to find out if he has the strength to perform, or if he will break under the pressure.

What’s more, the documentary uses ultra-slow motion and high impact Computer Generated Imagery – so it’s going to look awesome! 

At the filming in Madrid in July, Cristiano Ronaldo said: “Shooting the film has been really exciting as it’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this. The challenges were designed to look at my strength and skill in detail and it’s been a great experience to see how my body works. The challenges were really tough, but I think I did well on the day.” 

The global premiere of Castrol EDGE Presents Ronaldo Tested to the Limit will take place in Madrid, Spain, in September 2011, before being broadcast on TV channels around the world. 

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