Sergio Aguero Interview with!

There can’t be too many players who have made such an impact in the Premier League in their debut season than Mr Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero.

The diminutive forward has certainly hit the ground running since joining Manchester City from Atletico Madrid in the summer in a record-breaking deal.

So were buzzing when we got an interview with Maradona’s son-in-law – his first since being signed up with PUMA!

What are your impressions of PUMA?

I am very happy to have signed this partnership with PUMA.  It is another important step for me in this next phase in my career and my life.  I have been impressed with their plans in football for the coming years, it is a great brand with a good attitude towards both sport and life in general.  For all these reasons, I am happy to be involved with PUMA.   

What is your opinion of the Speed v1.11 Boot?

The v1.11 is really a fantastic football boot, it’s so lightweight and gives me a lot of freedom and agility to move quickly on the pitch which is so important for a striker.  I have tested a number of boots over the past few weeks, and I can definitely say that for me the PUMA v1.11 is the best. 

How are you finding life in Manchester?

I have only been here a short while, but I am enjoying things so far.  It is a good city with such passion for football, I am happy to be here and looking forward to the games and season ahead.  My wife and son are here with me, they arrived 4 days after I did which helps me a lot, having my family here is so important for me.  Now we have a house we are enjoying strolling around and getting to know the area. 

What are your first impressions of Manchester City FC?

Manchester City is a club with a clear desire to achieve great things.  The players, coaching staff and manager are all very hungry for success and motivated to win trophies – the attitude and commitment that I have seen from everyone has been very impressive and it is clear that this was a good move for me.  I was flattered by Manchester City’s desire to bring me here, when you are wanted by your employer in any job it gives you the motivation to repay this faith and helps you enjoy your work.  I am really enjoying everything at Manchester City for all these reasons. 

What do you believe you can achieve at Manchester City?

We have a very talented group of players, manager and coaching staff, and with these things we can achieve great things.  We club doesn’t necessarily have the experience of winning the Premier League and competing at the highest level in European competition, but many of the players have this experience personally and this helps to give us confidence to play well together against in both England and Europe. 

What are your expectations for Manchester City in the club’s first Champions League campaign?

We have to take things one game at a time.  First of all we focus on qualifying for the knockout stage of the competition and then anything can happen.  We are all excited to be playing in this competition; it is a great time to be a Manchester City supporter especially for the fans who have supported the club through less successful periods.  We hope to do them proud. 

Is it a special game for you against Napoli, considering your family connection to the club?

Of course my father played there for many years, he was a legend at Napoli and was adored by the fans.  He has some great memories of his time there.  Coincidences happen often in football, it is the nature of the game but I am happy to have the chance to play against Napoli which was a chance he never had after he left. 

Do you feel pressure to perform after such a large transfer fee?

No, for me there is no extra pressure because of the transfer fee.  Always there is pressure in football –to play well for yourself, for the club and the supporters but this pressure motivates rather than intimidates me.  Money in football is of course considerable now, I grew up with nothing and to live such a comfortable life now is something I enjoy. But more than this I am very happy to be able to give my son the things that I never had, which makes me proud.

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