Cesc Fabregas Interview with Sport-locker.net!

So PUMA have gone mental this summer, signing superstar after superstar to don their football boots – the likes of Sergio Aguero and Radamel Falcao spring to mind.

PUMA’s latest acquisition is Spanish sensation Cesc Fabregas – and here’s his interview for Sport-locker.net after signing for the brand:

What are your impressions of PUMA?

PUMA is such a strong brand with a positive attitude towards both football and life.  From the very first time I met PUMA, it was clear they really focused on the emotion and the joy in sport, not just the result.  To me this is an interesting and refreshing approach. 

PUMA made a great impression on me from the very beginning and it was obvious that this was the right move for me to sign this partnership. I am looking forward to working together and excited about the plans for the coming months and years.

What is your opinion of the PowerCat 1.12 Boot?

The boot has seriously impressed me.  Playing in midfield is so combative and physical, I need a boot that gives me protection and support, but comfort is also really important and this boot offers it all. The PowerCat 1.12 Boot is without doubt gives me a lot of confidence to perform on the pitch.

What do you think about some of PUMA’s other product ranges?

The PUMA performance wear is strong and technically very good, but I also really like their lifestyle clothes.  There is a style about PUMA that I’ve always admired, so I’m very happy that they’ve sent me a lot of new clothes! 

How do you feel about featuring as a key player for the PUMA brand?

For me it’s great.  The communication plans that PUMA have shown me are fantastic, so I’m really pleased to be incorporated into these plans.  PUMA has similar partnerships with many great footballers that I admire and to join them is also really exciting.

What was the main deciding factor in signing the new partnership with PUMA?

The performance elements of the boots were obviously very important – I am of course a footballer and it’s so important for me to be successful in my career.  Wearing the right boots is a critical part of this.

The PUMA brand is very inclusive, and I believe in the way they work with players and their campaigns. For me, joy and passion is the most important elements of football and this drives me to continually improve myself as a footballer and as a person.  PUMA shares these same values.

It’s really important that I believe in the brand that I partner.  PUMA has shown me that they are totally committed to this partnership, and right from the start I have felt comfortable and happy with the way things have proceeded.

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