Football boot release: New Umbro Geometra Pro colourway – Black/White/Blue

The Umbro Geometra is proving to be quite the control football boot – with a host of pros flocking to wear the comfortable cleat.

And having playtested the boot (including a video) at the start of the season – we here at are huge fans!

What’s more, we absolutely love the new Black/White/Blue colourway.

After Jonas Gutierrez scored an absolute peach in them for Newcastle away at Wolves, we thought it was only fair that we brought you a closer look at them!

The Geometra boot is built for the visionary; the player that stays calm and controlled on the pitch and always finds their pass.

Firstly, the boot features a memory foam ‘pass pad’ on its instep to help ball control, whilst a silicon-bonded grip zone has been added to the toe to help touch and feel and allow the player to add increased loft and spin to the ball (that is the theory, anyway).

Another unique feature is the specialist sole with a new stud configuration. The pivot zone pressure point takes inspiration from a squash shoe and allows players to turn away from trouble even in the tightest of situations.

The Geometra also features an off-centre lacing system to create a larger strike zone which also allows for a wider opening to the boot to aid comfort. A built in sock liner that hugs the foot to create comfort also leads to extra grip on the foot.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect to the Geometra is the full grain ceramic leather upper.

This is thicker than your average leather and helps build more strength into the pass and provide more protection. Safety is further improved with the inclusion of a solid heel wrap and stabiliser – so there will be no need to pull out of those 50-50 challenges!

Let us know what you think of the new Geometra colourway with comments below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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