Pele Sports’ Trinity 3E wins award before it’s even released!

It’s not often a football boot wins an award before its official market launch – but that’s exactly what the Trinity 3E from Pele Sports has done at the ISPO BRANDNEW Awards! can reveal that the revolutionary football boot, set for release this month, won the award in the area of ‘footwear’ and thus scooped the prize for the most innovative product of the year.

Here is what the jury said about their reasons for awarding the prize to Pelé Sports and the Trinity 3E:

“The football boot weighs practically nothing and at the same time, the boot meets high standards in functionality in every respect – with a price advantage compared to established brands.”

Following the scientific proof of its revolutionary function in the field of football boots (provided by the University of Essen-Duisburg’s department of biomechanics, under the direction of Professor Ewald Henning), the experts on the jury gave recognition to the innovations of the Pelé Sports product team:

The Trinity 3E is an ultralight football boot developed according to ergonomic rules in such a way that it helps the player use his entire physical potential to the greatest extent, and even more, it helps to increase the player’s physical potential.

The revolutionary stud shape and stud constellation boost a player’s push-off and speed and allows the player to execute that decisive step and move past his opponent. The two common elements of speed boots (minimum weight and good traction) achieve perfection in the Trinity 3E – and are supplemented by the third element, the exercise effect.

We are beyond excited to get our hands on the new boot in the coming weeks – the hype surrounding the launch has been phenomenal and it will be really interesting to see how the Trinity 3E matches up to other speed boots such as the adidas adiZero and Nike Mercurial Vapor.

Stay tuned folks!

The ISPO BRANDNEW Awards is the largest global competition for new companies in the sporting goods industry. The focus is on innovative products and the respective brand behind them. Every year an international jury awards prizes to the best candidates. This year 269 brands from 27 countries entered the ISPO BRANDNEW Awards 2012 competition.

For information on the Trinity 3E:

For further information on Pelé Sports:    

Are you expecting big things for the Trinity 3E when it is released later this month? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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