Football boot release: Pele Sports Trinity 3E

Now here’s a boot that has got tongues wagging at – behold the new Pele Sports Trinity 3E people!

The new global football brand from that pint-sized legend Pele has revealed a ground breaking boot set for release later in 2012, after years of ergonomic research and footwork analysis no less.

Remember that weird film with Bruce Willis with that weird woman with orange hair? Well this boot is nothing to do with that, but it’s supposed to be “tackling the 3rd element” – which sounds quite complicated to us!

Perhaps this video will enlighten you somewhat:

If you’re still none the wiser after watching the above, then perhaps the following words will be able to help you fully understand what this truly revolutionary boot has to offer. Here goes…

For the first time ever, the ultra-light Trinity 3E boot has harnessed the ability to perform a dual task: maximising a player’s game and speed potential and actually training your muscles as you play.

This has been achieved through extensive research and testing as well as a combination of lightweight materials, unique support and innovative stud geometry.

The design team at Pele Sports believe it to be evolutionary in the approach to football design. With an average of 2.7 injuries per team worldwide, they were focused to place injury protection and propulsion performance at the heart of their design mission.

Studies from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany show at a very high statistical significance level that the Trinity 3E Allows significantly faster movements when compared to other high performance speed boot products on the market. So apparently the f50, Vapor and v1.11 should be quaking in their…boots?

Professor Ewald Hennig Head of the university’s Biomechanics Laboratory, stated; “The boot gives the player the advantage in a small or tight space scenario, allowing players to be 40cm closer to the ball in a kicking action.

“For longer manoeuvres, players can have an advantage of being up to 1.5 metres closer to the ball on the field.” I was surprised to find this clear advantage against other top level boots in this similar speed category.

“The strength of the Trinity 3E was especially apparent in cutting manoeuvres, which is probably the most important action in football.”

The statistical power of this study suggests that even if it were repeated 100 + times, the boot would still yield the same result 99 times out of 100.


The Pelé Sports team worked with Formula One Engineers to strip away unnecessary weight & structure within conventional boot design. Despite extremely low weight characteristics (170 grams), all Trinity 3E materials were selected for maximum durability.


The unique asymmetrical stud geometry harnesses the natural mid foot motion, ensuring the earliest possible force generation and accelerating your rapid response rate!

Quite different from most boots designed today who offer a symmetrical stud solution even though the natural movement of the foot is asymmetrical. The extreme position of the rear tripod studs trigger earlier ground contact and stability with high velocity release and the forefoot studs permit excellent traction and explosive acceleration.

The studs work cohesively to distribute foot pressures and improve grip as the foot flexes and rolls naturally through 3D simultaneously. The out-plate is specifically designed to resist rolling over of the ankle – a factor for the most common injury suffered in football today.


At the heart of the Trinity 3E’s stud technology, the Pelé Sports design team focused on the heel of the foot. This most sensitive tactile area under foot has been harnessed as an input to trigger early muscle activity for higher speed and agility movements.

The team designed an asymmetrical cleat that activates fast muscular reactions, which in turn trains fast foot speed & coordination. This unique boot design naturally increases muscle stimulation and faster acceleration as it gets you in and out of the ground quicker.

What are your initial impressions of the boot? Can they really cut it with the speed monsters such as the adidas f50, Nike Mercurial Vapor and PUMA v1.11? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Stay tuned to the site as we try and get our hands on a pair to put through a rigorous playtest!

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