Football boot playtest review: Pele Sports Trinity 3E

It’s always refreshing and exciting to see a relatively new brand taking on the big boys when it comes to football boot releases.

And there’s a new speed boot that could be about to take the footballing world by storm…

Major hype before the launch. Check.

Massive launch party with the great man Pele himself attending. Check. chomping at the bit to put the Pele Sports Trinity 3E football boots through their paces. Check!

Our resident boot tester Sam Van Gelder has been playtesting the boots for a couple of months now – so he’s in a good place to give you a thorough review. (We hope so anyway!)


Ever since we put the release article of the Pele Sports Trinity 3E up on in early November 2011, we’ve been literally counting down the days until we could get our hands on a pair to review.

The hype in the build up to their release was phenomenal. It’s not often that a new boot comes along to challenge the big guns, but you got the impression that Pele Sports were going all out with the Trinity 3E.

The technology involved in these speedy bad boys is a sight to behold but would this translate onto the green stuff?

Since they landed at our HQ I’ve been wearing them in training and matches – and here is how they scored:

1. First Impression / Fresh out of the box factor 10/10

The first thing you notice with boot in hand is just how incredibly light they are – a mere 170g to be precise.

What’s also immediately apparent is how much they reminded me of one of the first speed boots – the Nike Mercurial Vapor II – one of the nicest looking speed boots in history in my opinion.

The refined and sleek aesthetics makes for a superb looking football boot – the classic black colourway is refreshing to see in a speed boot as well. The silky sinuous lines running through the boot add to the boots appearance.

My only slight concern was the studs. I know this is the ‘blockbuster’ part of the boot – but I was a little worried about my balance with the tripod studs at the heel of the boot.

2. Comfort / Fit 10/10

Enough gawping, it was time to get the Trinity 3Es on my feet.

And I couldn’t believe just how comfortable these were – by far and away the most comfortable speed boot I have ever tried out.

The 1.2mm thick SymbioSkin synthetic upper makes for a complete ‘sock like’ fit and it almost feels as if you are wearing a pair of slippers!

Another major plus is that the upper creases naturally and there’s none of that folding that you get with stiffer synthetic uppers on other speed boots.

I was beginning to think Pele Sports had struck gold with his one!

3. On the move / Warm up 8/10

Again they still felt extremely comfortable as I began to run and warm up – I got the impression that blisters or rubbing were not going to be an issue with these.

The stud formation definitely made for an interesting feel underfoot and I must admit it took me a little while to adapt.

As the above photo shows, the tripod positioned studs at the heel of the boot can make for a slightly unbalanced appearance (see left foot). However, some will say this is a more aggressive stance which could prove vital when changing direction at speed.

I was yet to be converted at this point.

4. Touch / Control 8/10

Again this was a very positive area for the Trinity 3E – for a synthetic upper the SymbioSkin does offer a great feel on the ball.

The upper is so thin, it almost feels as if you are playing barefoot! This is can be both a positive and a negative.

I don’t think these boots would be ideal for a midfield maestro who spends most of the game on the ball, but the touch is really good on these and would be excellent for wingers and strikers alike.

The positives keep on coming!

5. Speed 9/10

Now it was time to put the studs through their paces and see whether all this technology talk actually mounted to anything.

Because Pele Sports claim that:

“The unique asymmetrical stud geometry harnesses the natural mid foot motion, ensuring the earliest possible force generation and accelerating your rapid response rate! The extreme position of the rear tripod studs trigger earlier ground contact and stability with high velocity release and the forefoot studs permit excellent traction and explosive acceleration.

“The studs work cohesively to distribute foot pressures and improve grip as the foot flexes and rolls naturally through 3D simultaneously.”

And to be honest, it does exactly what it says on the tin/press release!

Despite my initial worries about the unbalanced feel when I first put them on, once you are on the pitch and mobile, these fears go right out the window.

With the Trinity 3E on your feet, it feels as if you have to be on the move the whole time, you just can’t keep still.

The tri-pod stud configuration is designed to increase the acceleration and traction of players.

Whether I was actually faster is debatable – but I certainly felt as though I could move in different directions quickly thanks the positioning of the studs.

6. Passing 7/10

No issues to report here either. The upper isn’t designed for serial passers of the ball but then serial passers of the ball wouldn’t necessarily opt for the Trinity 3E anyway.

However, the fact that the boots mould to the natural shape of your foot over time is a massive bonus, and definitely improves the performance of the boot.

Because the fit of the boot is so good, you can feel equally as confident when zipping a short pass to feet or pinging a long ball in the channel.

7. Shooting 7/10

Unfortunately this is the main area where I felt the boot was lacking.

The synthetic upper doesn’t offer the same response as competing speed boots such as the Vapor or the adiZero.

You get a solid strike, but the centred lacing is something that is a bit ‘old-fashioned’ now and I think off-centred lacing prevalent in most of the latest football boots out there now have proved that it’s the only way to go when it comes to improving the shooting performance of a boot.

Or perhaps I’m just having a bit of a mare in front of goal at the minute!

I did like the little touch on the tongue – a padded area has been incorporated (very similar to the one on the Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly III).

8. Security / Tackling 7/10

Another slight negative was the protectiveness of the boot.

Because the upper is super thin, any contact on the boot and you really do feel it.

That said, the boots really do make you feel nimble and agile, so you should be away from an opponent before they get to you!

However, the out-plate is specifically designed to resist rolling over of the ankle – a factor for the most common injury suffered in football today.

And this was evident, as you feel very snug and secure in the Trinity 3E – something which I feel is very important in speed boots which can appear a little flimsy on first inspection.

9. The endurance test 9/10

These are a very durable pair of football boots – the upper has shown no signs of tearing whatsoever.

They’re easy to maintain as well. A simple wipe of a cloth and they are as good as new.

And as you can see in this video, despite months of wear and tear, they still look in decent nick!

10. The tech factor (Does it do what it says on the tin?) 9/10

I have to admit, despite being sceptical about the stud configuration on first inspection, I’m completely converted after testing!

A bold move by Pele Sports has potentially transformed the way other brands will approach their stud designs in the future.

Let’s not forget this is Pele Sports first speed boot as well! This makes the technology even more impressive.


The only slight negative (and I mean ever so slight) is that the laces are really long! Nothing a tuck into the boot jobby couldn’t sort, mind.

At £150, the price is a little steep for my liking. If they were to knock £50-£80 off them (becoming comparable to the Umbro GT Pro II) I believe there would be a lot more takers.

Another thing to note, because of the long fit, I would advise getting half a size smaller than what you usually wear. play test rating: 84/100

Wow! What an impressive way to mark your arrival in the speed football boot world – take a bow Pele Sports Trinity 3E!

Amazing stud technology, a thin yet supple upper and an overall smart and streamlined look, these really are a shock package.

A truly innovative pair of football boots, the Trinity 3E is only a couple of minor tweaks away from really cutting it with the likes of the Nike Mercurial Vapor and adidas adiZero.

And we’re hearing rumours of a new version being released in the summer –so keep your eyes peeled to!

What do you think of the Pele Sports Trinity 3E? Will this boot ever be a big hitter like the adizero or Vapor? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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