Football boot release: Pele Sports launch Titan Leather Trinity 3E

As you know already, here at we’re a little bit crazy about football boots.

And as if the countdown to Euro 2012 wasn’t exciting enough, we can today reveal the release of a new boot – behold the Pele Sports Titan Leather Trinity 3E folks!

Having playtested the original Trinity 3E, to say we are beyond excited that a kangaroo leather upper has now been incorporated, is just a little bit of an understatement.

We spotted the boot at a recent press event, and we’re delighted to say the wait is now over and the stunning looking boot is now here!

It’s a super-strong boot with superior touch and a highly durable upper material that screams supremacy on the football pitch.

And what’s more, the boot weighs in at under 185 grams!

This new Titan leather boot is a huge technological advancement over the regular kangaroo leathers in the market place.

Using this hardwearing, superior touch, fast, and water resistant durable material – Pelé Sports have produced a sophisticated boot of unparalleled protection and comfort that truly moulds to the foot.

Developed specifically for the Trinity 3E, Titan leather uses bespoke cutting-edge tanning technology based upon titanium, solid state lubrication and military grade water resistance processing techniques that herald a new era for the Trinity 3E and pioneers new standards for football boots


An additional titanium tanning process enhances the strength of the leather whilst ensuring a ‘glove-like fit’ and reducing the risk of unnecessary stretch.


The solid state lubricant (SSL) technology used in the production of the boot, penetrates deeper than normal into the fibres to achieve an unparalleled level of softness and comfort when worn.

In addition the (SSL) technology actually increases the rate of moisture movement through the uppers fibres, resulting in the optimum breathability and moisture management for your feet.


Titan leather has been engineered with a new, cutting edge water repellent treatment.

It is a military grade process applied during the tanning process to achieve high water resistance specifications keeping feet drier and warmer for extended periods of time.

The Trinity 3E already possesses impressive tri-technology, which harnesses the ability to perform a dual task: maximising a player’s game and speed potential and actually training muscles during play.

This has been achieved through extensive research and testing as well as a combination of lightweight materials, unique support and innovative stud geometry.

We’re trying to get our hands on a pair to try out for you – so stay tuned!

What are your initial impressions of the K Leather versions of the Pele Sports Trinity 3E? Don’t forget to join in the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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