Fernando Torres creates his own Laser IVs with Nike iD – video

It’s pretty obvious that we love football boots here at Sport-locker.net HQ – but it’s those exclusive, unseen before gems that really do it for us.

So when Nike sent in this video of Fernando Torres designing his own Laser IV using Nike iD, we were excited to see what “El Nino” went for.

Look no further than here:

Nando clearly likes a white football cleat. But is the blue and red homage to his Liverpool past and Chelsea present or just full on admiration of his boyhood club Atletico Madrid?

It’s always interesting to hear pro’s attitudes towards football boots. Whether it be choice of colour or type of soleplate, it’s clear that pros are now looking in more depth at how their boots can improve their performance on the green stuff.

We’re huge fans of Nike iD (having already designed our own pair of trainers) and fingers crossed we’ll get the chance to design our own pair of football boots in the near future!

The new Nike T90 Laser IVs aren’t available yet on Nike iD, but after this vid it surely won’t be long before you will be able to customise these bad boys!

What do you think of his choice of colour? What colourway would make up your perfect boot? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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