Nike launch #makeitcount Campaign

So the festive period is well and truly over. It’s back to work and no more boozing for a while. Time to start that diet and get rid of that newly acquired rounder stomach.

That said, New Year’s resolutions have normally been and gone by now, but are thanking their pals at Nike this morning for giving us the incentive to follow through with our plans for 2012.  

Because, whatever your goal this year, Nike and the world’s top athletes are challenging you to bring your best then better it, with their ‘Make It Count’ campaign!

Launched on Twitter over New Year’s Eve, athletes including Mo Farah, Mark Cavendish, Paula Radcliffe and Dai Greene pledged how they plan to make this year count, and are challenging you to do the same under the hashtag #makeitcount.

What the athletes tweeted:

  • Mo Farah – @mo_farah – ‘Don’t dream of winning. Train for it.’
  • Paula Radcliffe – @paulajradcliffe – ‘Nearly isn’t enough’
  • Dai Greene – @daigreene – ‘Train hard, stay focused and do all those bits I need to do to and be at my peak this year.’
  • Mark Cavendish – @MarkCavendish – ‘Remain the fastest. Become the greatest.’

Britain’s top male distance runner, Mo Farah added: “For me, the next 12 months are about working harder to become better, faster and stronger. Whatever your goal, beat it and better it by making this year count”.

The ‘Make It Count’ campaign showcases elite British Nike athletes through black and white action portraits with the athletes’ own handwriting bringing to life their personal pledge.

The portraits are supported with a series of unique online films exploring each Nike athletes’ hunger to achieve their goals in the year ahead.

So stay tuned to the site over the coming days as we bring you exclusive content of Nike’s latest campaign!

Be part of the movement by making your pledge with the hash tag #makeitcount on Twitter. Make sure you let us know how exactly you plan to make it count in 2012 on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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